Momentum International Realty is The Fastest Growing Real Estate Company In South Africa Offering Estate Agents 80% / 90% Commissions with No Desk Fees Plus a 10% Overrier Commission. Momentum International Realty is a state of the art Cloud Based Real Estate Brand Powered with Cutting-Edge Technology. We specialise in the sale and rental of residential, commercial, industrial and retail properties.

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Have you considered

selling through a

Public Tender?

About 80 percent of the homes in Australia are sold by auction, with similarly high figures in parts of the USA. Any negative stigmas attached to these practices are gone with a Public Tender and more South African sellers are seeing the benefits by going the Public Tender route.

The inconvenience of show houses, coupled with the ongoing invasion of their privacy while their homes are on the market week after week, month after month, and even year after year, has seen the popularity of selling by Public Tender escalate to the point where it’s quite usual to have 100 or more visitors at a preview. Of these, around 80 percent are willing and able buyers.

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Introducing the Momentum Realty Growth Share Program.
The Momentum Realty Growth Share Program is a revolutionary business model within the real estate industry. It assists our agents to generate long term passive wealth, even allowing their families to benefit for generations to come.