At Momentum International Realty our mission is to build Careers worth having, Businesses worth Owning and Lives Worth Living for our associates and we are reshaping the landscape of the  Real Estate Industry through our Unmatched Cutting Edge Technology Model For Success.

You are the brand!

Did you know 96%* of buyers buy through you and sellers sell through you, because of who you are and not the company

For under R1000 pm, you can run and own your own international real estate company powered by Momentum International Realty!

Agents have:

  • Access to the latest and up to date website with thousands of listings across SA.
  • Access to thousands of training videos featuring the best live training by top national and international trainers and coaches.
  • Access to training from the top producers in the world.
  • Access to live webinars and more.
Introducing the Momentum Realty Growth Share Program.
The Momentum International Realty model is built around the premise that associates who actively participate in introducing agents to Momentum International Realty are rewarded with a 10 % Override of  the revenue generated on an ongoing basis from those associates.

The Momentum international realty Growth Share Program

The Momentum International Realty Growth Share Program is a revolutionary business model within the real estate industry. It assists our agents to generate long term passive wealth.
How does it work?

You receive a 10% Override Commission on each sale or rental made from the agents you have introduced to Momentum International Realty Month after Month Year after Year.

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