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"I have been in real estate since 1997. I have been with a few companies over the past years and can really say Momentum Int Realty has the best concept.

With this company you have the opportunity to grow, run your own show, earn much more money. You have the freedom to work where you want to without any restrictions of areas or the way how you must do it. If you have the self-discipline this is the company for you. All the agents works well together as they know they are working for themselves so no office politics.

You work from home, less overheads, no desk fees or incentives. You are the creator of your own little empire.

We have an awesome back office where you can get all your documents you need and do your listings etc. The assistance from the admin is tops they are doing their best to give us agents the service we need. Always available and willing to help. Momentum Int Realty is always open for suggestions to make it easier and better for everyone. Good system in place no commission disputes.

Our founder William Campbell is always there for you with answering any questions you may have, he comes up with great ideas to help you sell. If he is not available on his cell he will phone you back the same day after you tried to call him. He works 24/7 a peoples person and knows what he wants and has great ideas to make this company even better.

Our social media way of marketing is the way to go! That is the new school. Forget about the old school it does not work! Everybody is a click of a button away and wants instant service and this is what this technology does for you, Momentum is fast paste, changes together with the way the world is changing into technology and is ahead of the other real estate agencies that is still trying to do it the old way. “The height of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and to expect a different result.”  With Momentum Int Realty it is doing it the new way – the technology way, every day we learn something new, it stays exciting, it’s a challenge no way of becoming insane only making money!"

Alma Kleynhans

Contact Number: 060 446 5430


"Momentum International Realty have proven to be the most rewarding business partnership that I have been involved with  The systems provide immense support to my "Business within a Business", and also provides me with  the flexibility to operate freely, even from remote locations when the need arises.

I have full faith in the admin/sales  support functions provided by Momentum, in the form of highly skilled individuals all working toward a common goal - SUCCESS for the Agents !!

The IT systems give full comfort in providing cutting edge technology, ensuring we have the added advantage of getting maximum advertising exposure.

My name is Reg Keenan, and I have over 20 years exposure to, and experience in the Commercial /Industrial and Retail property sectors of KZN and Gauteng.  I also do selective residential sales."

Cell: 084 393 8629


"I have been in the industry for 12 years full time and have been with different agencies ever since.

I have found MOMENTUM INTERNATIONAL REALTY to be the best comparatively in that:

  • It allows you to work independently like running your own business from home
  • You have all systems in place to perform effectively
  • You have an excellent and professional back up team to administer your day to day running of the office.
  • You don’t get tied down to endless unnecessary meetings.
  • You are not restricted to the traditional farming areas.
  • You still enjoy the benefits of a large family unit through various ways.

Basically I would say Momentum gives you the wings to fly while allowing the sky to be the limit. You can gladly call me to verify this."

Abe Fakude

Property Practitioner

081 465 4128


"I joined MIR in May 2017 and I can say with confidence that it was the best decision ever!!  You have the freedom to achieve your goals and dreams and determine your own success.  I have worked 8 years in an office environment where you were on a 50 /50 % and at the end you are living someone else’s dream not YOURS!!! At  Momentum I can truly  say they are there when you need them and assist you where you need to be assisted with such a wonderful team. A person can now make your dream a reality!"

Tish Niemand

Cell: 082 501 3145


"My name is Riana Martin and I have been in the Real Estate business since 2007.
Throughout my career I have been a part of various companies. When I joined Momentum International Realty I was looking for something fresh, A brand that was associated with integrity and good results. MIR has offered me something I have not received anywhere else, they have offered me an amazing support team that is there at my request at any time I need them. They offer me full admin support and respond to my enquiries in record time. They have made it easier for me to service my clients as I no longer am office bound and have more time making sure I cater to all my clients needs.
Being with MIR has been a great experience. I am truly part of a dedicated and hardworking team that goes above and beyond to ensure that they provide A grade service to all clients. MIR has shown me that as time change you don’t have to decrease your standard of service but you can continuously build to find new ways to improve it. To verify any of this information you welcome to contact me."

Riana Martin

Cell: 071 769 9258

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